Minneapolis/St. Paul [once again] named most futile sports market in the US

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With another sports title being handed out last night as the Washington Capitals have won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history, here in Minnesota we have another reminder about how Minneapolis/St. Paul is the most futile sporting market in the country.

A few years ago it was the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Title which brought this realization to life. Since then, we've had out hearts ripped out by the Vikings again, our hopes and dreams smashed by the Wolves all while it's business as usual for the Twins and Wild.

Thank goodness for the Minnesota Lynx otherwise we'd have nothing here in the old land of 10,000 lakes.

This morning, Clay Travis broke down his "7 Most Futile Sporting Cities Across the Country" and to nobody's surprise Minneapolis and St. Paul topped the list.

Here's his breakdown from this morning's show...

And for those interested, here's the rest of his top 7 list...

1. Minnesota

2. Atlanta

3. Buffalo

4. Cincinnati 

5. San Diego

6. Tennessee

7. Charlotte, Carolina

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