Alexander Ovechkin had one heck of a weekend with the Stanley Cup | KFAN

It took Alexander Ovechkin 14 years to finally win the Stanley Cup with his Washington Capitals teammates. That said, it shouldn't surprise anybody that he's had about 14 years worth of celebrations to catch up on.

Man-oh-man, did he do that this weekend.

Take a minute with me to recap the weekend that was as Alexander Ovechkin celebrated the Capitals win with the cup.

It all started in the early morning hours of Friday morning in Las Vegas as Ovechkin and his Capitals teammates took the cup out on the town in Las Vegas.

They then joined Tiesto on the stage in a Vegas Club.

The next day, Ovi and his teammates headed back home to Washington and threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game. The first pitch wasn't his best effort but as the king of the city for the time being, they gave him another shot and he made the best of it.

Then he wouldn't sit down...

And he followed that up with a keg stand out of the cup...

And that turned into a fountain dive...

Then on Sunday he put a bow on the weekend by singing "We are the Champions" next to the grill at a BBQ!

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