MN HS pitcher chooses to hug childhood friend rather than celebrate win

Yeah so most of my content on this website is going to be video games, vikings or food related but I'll tell ya what, I'm a sucker for a feel good story and a heave cry every once and a while. I always have been, but man fatherhood has brought that gene out in my body full force.

With that, I pray that someday my little boy(s) will treat people with this level of respect and empathy.

What you're seeing in the video below is a video of the final out recorded in a high school baseball section championship game. The player on the mound and the player at the plate are opponents on this day, but they're childhood friends forever. 

Spoiler alert here, the player up to bat strikes out looking, his team loses. For the pitcher, while his teammates congregate on the mound to celebrate their championship win, he shrugs aside the catcher and immediately hugs his disappointed childhood friend.

Turns out this video is from Minnesota high school game with a Moundsview player hugging his friend a Totino Grace player.

You guys, despite what the Internet highlights 90% of the time, there is still good in this world and a lot of it. Let's all take notes from this kid and be better to each other.

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