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E3 has been going on and I've been covering it loosely from my Blog (Mansour's Musings) to help highlight some of the biggest stories coming out of L.A. this week/weekend. But today was the day, today was the Nintendo E3 Direct. 

It's no surprise for those of you that listen to The Power Trip or follow me on Twitter, I'm in love with my Nintendo Switch. The portability of a full fledged gaming system was a complete and entire game changer. I own a PS4 Pro and hardly play it right now because I can't take it with me wherever I go.

It's THE best.

So today was Nintendo day at E3 and they dropped a ton of cool news in their presentation. Below you'll see five or so of the biggest highlights coming out of their presentation.

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming 12/7 & it looks AWESOME!

We finally have a date, our first look and some more details about Nintendo's present most highly anticipated release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For starters, this game will boast one of the largest armies of characters in video game history bringing back EVERY character from past games while finding time to mix in a few new ones as well. CLICK HERE to get all the updates on Ultimate.

2. Fortnite is Finally coming to Switch!

It's been the biggest thing in video games for quite some time now and as they continue to adapt and present new and improved versions of the game, you can finally take it with you on the go with your Nintendo Switch! I know I mentioned this earlier, but mobility is a game changer for me here. I have a PS4, downloaded Fortnite and played it a handful of times. I like the game, in fact it's exactly the kind of game that I can get sucked into, but being tethered to the T.V. screen is no of much interest anymore for me. I don't have time to play video games in that fashion anymore. I play in the parking lot while my wife runs into the store, I play while lying in bed, I play during my lunch break at work. That is the future of gaming, welcome to the future Fortnite. Best part, this is already available to download today as well!

3. Switch gets Super Mario Party

Along with the aforementioned portability of the Nintendo Switch, the many different ways that you can play the game will add so much to the Super Mario Party title set to be released in October of 2018. It's the perfect party game and the perfect game to introduce my soon to be 4-year old to video games. The HD Rumble adds something new, the Table Top gameplay and synced screens add a new element and the touch screen gameplay brings something new to the table as well. The preview video looks sweet and you know they didn't show you everything just yet!

4. The new Pokemon games look awesome!

For those of us with an inherent need to "catch them all", the new Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee look like they're going to be fantastic! We knew these games are coming but we got to see more, learn more and get excited for them all over again today. 

5. The arcade comes home again with Killer Queen Black

It's crazy to think that there are still new arcade games out there. If you head to any of the hip arcades throughout the country, you'll find that all the rage is a new eight player arcade game called Killer Queen. Like for real, you might have to wait in line thirty minutes to play it. It's insanely popular and now it's coming to you home thanks to Nintendo Switch!


Yeah I know I said I would only highlight 5 titles, but there are so many more good ones I couldn't leave them out. Here are a couple other releases from Nintendo's E3 that have me excited.

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