You guys, the Raccoon made it to the roof over night... | KFAN 100.3 FM

Photo: Twitter Eugene Gu

Hey gang, St. Paul, Minnesota was the center of the universe yesterday. It had nothing to do with the State Capitol, nothing to do with the Minnesota Wild, but everything to do with a raccoon that ended up on the wrong side of the 23rd story of a downtown building.

It all started when a wild raccoon found itself on top of the first floor ledge of the UBS building in downtown St. Paul. Maintenance workers went into action attempting to provide a ramp for the critter to crawl back down to safety, but when raccoons are scared they climb...and climb...and climb.

Everything really took off yesterday when the raccoon made it to the 23rd floor of the building and decided to take a nap!

By the time the news hit the airwaves last night our favorite little guy was still chilling up on floor 23. Officials had set a live trap on the roof with some very aromatic catnip to try and lure him to safety

But then, under the cover of darkness he sprung into action and with news cameras on the scene last night America's favorite little raccoon made it to the summit and climbed up to the roof. 

Our friends at WCCO captured the video below last night...

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