Former Vikings QB Case Keenum offers unique look into Mpls Miracle | KFAN

Photo: Getty Images

Case Keenum is the current starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, but as we all remember he was also the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings during the Minneapolis Miracle towards the end of last season. 

Now in Denver, Keenum was the feature speaker at an Xs and Os conversation with Broncos season ticket holders and was asked to break down the play that led to the Vikings win over the New Orleans Saints that will forever be know as the "Minneapolis Miracle".

We've heard the story a few times already but in this conversation Case offers another unique perspective from that moment, that play and the aftermath that followed.

I tell ya what, he might not be in Minnesota anymore but I have loads of respect for Case Keenum both as a football player but even more so as a man.

Check out the video in the player below...

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