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The video game Fortnite continues to be the single most popular title in the world right now.

Now on five different platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox, iOS and Switch) with another right around the corner with Android implementation ready to go, Fortnite currently boasts a player database north of 125 million users (source). We the highlighted last week that on iOS alone, the game is making more than $1,000,000 per day. But it's a free game, so how are they making all of their money? It's obviously through in-game purchases, but when the game itself is free, how and why are people spending money?

Here's a bit of a breakdown.

The good people over at LendEdu did a survey of 1,000 Fortnite players to gather a bit of data on the spending habits within the game. Here are the highlights...

  • 68.8% of Fortnite players have spent money on in-game purchases

  • Amongst Fortnite spenders, the average amount of money they spent was $84.67

  • For 36.78% of Fortnite spenders, this game is the first time they have made in-game purchases

  • 25.3% of Fortnite players pay for Twitch, a streaming service that enables them to watch other people play Fortnite

So in summary, when a normal game for download or from the store costs you $69.99 and then the average player spends $84.67 on Fortnite, that adds up quickly. Multiply that by 125,000,000 players and it adds up astronomically quickly and shakes up the industry as we know it.

The infographic below will break it down even further...

Photo: Lendedu

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