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At the age of 27, former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin found himself retired from the game that he loved. While the decision to step away from the game was ultimately his choice, the actions that forced the decision weren't necessarily his choice.

Just today, Sports Illustrated TV debuted a new episode of their series Where Are They Now that broke down the rise and fall of Percy Harvin and updated us on his current endeavors.

Below is a preview for the full episode...

Percy's disclosure started with a bombshell to the public that he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder back in 2010 during his time with the Minnesota Vikings.

"The ultimate thing that a lot of people didn’t know about was the anxiety and that tagged along with a lot of my migraines," Harvin explained. "I didn’t really know what that was."

Harvin explained that during this time he had been suffering through severe migraines that ended up with slurred speech, blurred vision and severe bouts of anxiety.

In an attempt to help Percy through his struggles, the Vikings sent Harvin across the country to meet with specialists. Unfortunately the trips on planes and overnights in hotels only added to Percy's struggles with anxiety. These frustrations surfaced in very public outbursts of anger towards his coaches, teammates and others close to him during the season. 

Shortly thereafter, Harvin was asking for a trade and was sent to the Seattle Seahawks for three draft picks. Harvin would win a championship with the Seahawks but called that season, "the worst of his career."

The hierarchy of an established power house, adjusting to a new team and a new scheme all factored into Harvin's troubles only worsening as his career continued to spiral out of control. The future would see Percy traded to the Jets and then signing with the Bills before calling it a career at the age of 27.

Since stepping away from the NFL, Percy has flourished. He presently lives in Florida and serves as an unofficial mentor for the University of Florida football team and spends his days being a dad to his son Jaden.

The full episode of Where Are the Now: Percy Harvin's Long Road Home is available now on Amazon through the SI TV channel.

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