Joey Chestnut sets new world record eating 74 hot dogs at Nathan's! | KFAN

Photo: Getty Images

Joey Chestnut is an animal, like seriously an animal. We had the opportunity of meeting him a couple times as a guest at the Final Four and he's incredibly unassuming. I think this year he weighed in at 215lbs, he runs ten miles a week and this week he ate Salmon for dinner on Monday, fasted on Tuesday and then ate SEVENTY-FOUR HOT DOGS on Wednesday to set a new world record! 

The science behind this fascinates me. This is gonna get a little gross, but the strategy here is amazing. I'm talking drinking soda water and forcing himself not to burp to stretch his stomach. Teaching his body, his diaphragm to push undigested food through the tract. And the man has not equal.

He did it again this year setting a new world record eating 74-hot dogs and winning his 11th championship!

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