Here's video of the UFO that Aj saw in Maple Grove last night 🛸 | KFAN

So get this. 

Last night I was on my way to Chipotle in Maple Grove to get some grub for my wife. On our way to the restaurant we saw an elderly gentleman flying his drone outside of the senior home by LifeTime Fitness. "Cool hobby," I thought to myself. Then, not a mile up the road as we were driving south on Main Street, a green streak shot across the sky. I looked at my wife and she had seen it to. It was a bright green orb with a fire white tail behind it. Just as soon as it was there, it was gone again. 

With the drone-guy still in my head, that was my first thought but when we drove behind the shoppes there was nobody flying back there and no drones to be seen. Was a a firework, some sort of roman candle? Not given the way that it moved. So I jumped to the only other reasonable conclusion.

It was a UFO!

Hopping online a little bit later we weren't alone in what we saw, but people were seeing it in Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and more!

So then a bunch of smart and reasonable people started to tell us that it was just a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Here's some video of what we saw from footage in Illinois. 

I'm still holding out hope...

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