After being hunted for 8 years, MONSTER alligator finally captured in AUS

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8 years ago, a 15-foot 1,300 pound alligator flashed onto the radar of authorities in Katherine, Australia. Located in the midst of a busy tourist swimming destination, it need to be removed. For almost a full decade after, the hunt was on and the monster gator continued to elude to feds.

That is until the other day.

After an elongated hunt, the monster was captured and relocated to a safe location far away.

Check this thing out in the video and photos below...

Crikey! That’s a big one! Australian authorities finally caught this monster 🐊 after an eight-year hunt. The elusive beast is 4.7m-long, weighs 600kg and is believed to be 60 years old. Click on link in bio @straits_times PHOTOS: AFP #monstercroc

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This monster 4.7-metre, 600kg #crocodile is thought to be one of the biggest on record. 😱🐊 It's been captured in the #NorthernTerritory after a decade-long game of hide-and-seek. (πŸ“·: NT Parks and Wildlife) #Australia

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