Two of the last Blockbuster stores are set to close for good this week

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, network online streaming and you not paying your late fees two of the final three remaining Blockbuster Video stores in the world are preparing to close their doors for good this week.

Both located in Alaska, the final two holdouts from the once powerful video rental chain are coming to an end. The Achorage and Fairbanks, Alaska locations will close as the population in those areas with broadband Internet has now crept above 62%, opening the door to a plethora of streaming options available at lower rates.

That leaves one lone Blockbuster store up and running in Bend, Oregon.

At one point in time there were more than 9,000 Blockbuster locations and all of my Friday nights were spent walking the outer aisles of new releases and video game rentals looking for my three day rental of the week.

Enjoy it while it lasts Blockbuster, the end is imminent. 

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