Yes people still play 'Pokemon Go', and it makes AMAZING amounts of money!

Yeah you heard me right, people still play Pokemon Go. I used to play, and played hard for a few months when it first dropped into the world. Then I got pulled over by the cops while chasing a rare Snorlax and decided it was time to call it a day (true story). 

But I digress...

So people still play Pokemon Go, like a lot of people. In fact, after making improvements and implementing new features and new Pokemon, the player base today is right back up there with the player base at it's peak just over two years ago.

In fact, the game is still making INCREDIBLE amounts of money!

In it's first two years of existence, the game has made nearly $2 billion ($1.8 billion to be exact) and it's currently making $2 MILLION A DAY! That's bonkers!

Just this weekend, Pokemon Go Fest was held in Chicago and had a gigantic turnout from all over the world. 

There's a new game coming to the Nintendo Switch this year, there's a new mobile game available and yes, Pokemon Go is hotter than ever! I guess the quest to "catch them all" is still burning fire red!

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