Fernando Rodney left Twins game early to become a U.S. Citizen | KFAN 100.3

Photo: Getty Images

You might have been a little confused the other day when the Minnesota Twins brought closer Fernando Rodney into their game against the Tampa Rays in the fifth inning. It turns out there was a reason, a very important one and it had nothing to do with baseball strategy.

Paul Molitor hinted at it the other day and Rodney confirmed it yesterday with an Instagram post.

After pitching in the fifth inning, Rodney split town to head out to Miami and become a U.S. citizen!

The caption from the post below reads as follows:

After 19 years in this wonderful country today I am blessed to say that I am an official US Citizen. Today I fly the American Flag but in my heart always hold my Dominican Flag. I want to thank all those who have been with me throughout the process and especially thank the @twinsorganizations for allowing me to catch my flight. Big thanks to the @tigers who made this dream possible 19 years ago.

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