INFO: Hoods for Heroes | The Power Trip

This morning The Power Trip was visited by firefighter Tim Trainor to chat about "Hoods for Heroes".

Here's the information that you need about this fantastic event...

Why the hoods? The Head and neck area are the most susceptible areas for heat transfer and collection of carcinogens. The next areas are the wrists and knee area. As your body temperature rises it opens up your pores and allows for those carcinogens to stay in those pores until you take a cold shower to close down your pores. Newer hoods are better at protecting and providing barriers to mitigate the risk of those carcinogens from getting the neck and head areas of the firefighter’s risking their lives.

Hoods cost anywhere from 100-250 dollars with most departments benefiting from having each fire fighter equipped with 2 hoods. This adds up to anywhere from $3500-$7000 for each department.

Our goal is to giveaway 500 hoods to firefighters and departments in need of protective equipment that provides the protection they need.

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up for the supporting golf event.

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