VIDEO: Wisconsin woman falls into drawbridge crack while riding her bike

On the evening of July 4th a Wisconsin woman decided to go on a quiet bike ride. Her ride took her along the Fox River in Menasha, Wisconsin and unfortunately for her it took her over the river and across a drawbridge that was in the act of opening for a boat. Then she made a poor decision. She chose to ignore the crossing signals, the ringing bells and splitting/lifting road in front of her...until it was too late.

She gave it a go, drove around the crossing arms and towards the bridge. At the last minute she turned but it was just a bit too little, too late and she rode right into the crack that was created as the road opened up.

She got stuck there for almost a full minute and thankfully bystanders saw the ordeal quick enough to inform the bridge operator before he closed the bridge and crushed her. They were able to pull her out and she sustained only minor injuries. 

The whole ordeal was captured on surveillance tape which has now surfaced, check it out below... 

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