#92Noon TBT: 1/15/18 - Morning after the Miracle! #Vikings

The Minneapolis Miracle was awarded an ESPY last night, which prompted me to watch the ESPYs for maybe the first time ever. Stefon Diggs and now former teammate Case Keenum went up on stage to accept the award, and it struck me with all the same feelings I had back on January 14th!

Vikings are trailing the Saints, I'm up in the radio booth trying to think of various audio bits I can put together for Monday morning to wrap the 2017 season. Shocked, annoyed, very unhappy with how the 2nd half of this game unfolded....and then it happened!!!!!! I understand that the ass-kicking that took place in Philly was awful, but it takes nothing away from what truly was a Miracle.

Below, is the podcast of the January 15th show, which is all about nostalgia when you listen to it. That was one hell of a Monday!

And then the "Hunger" Parody I did with bits from the play itself, is also below.

"Hunger" Parody--->

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