Minnesota Vikings win 'Best Moment' Award at ESPYs | KFAN 100.3 FM

It's the offseason in the NFL but still the Minnesota Vikings managed to tally another victory last night on the only night of the year where there are no sports at all.

That's right, the ESPYs were last night, it's the sporting world's chance to get all dolled up, walk the red carpet and gather together in one room. For the Minnesota Vikings, they were nominated for an ESPY award for the best moment of the past calendar year.

Pinned up against the Las Vegas Golden Knights and their Stanley Cup Finals Run, the Notre Dame Women's basketball team and their upset of UCONN and then University of Maryland Baltimore County for their 16 over 1 March Madness upset and the Vikings walked away with the goods winning the Best Moment of the year for the "Minneapolis Miracle".

On behalf of the rest of the team, Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum accepted the award in the video below...

Just because it will never get old, here's the cinematic video production again for us all to enjoy.

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