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If ever there were two things that were pretty much synonymous it should be summer time and ice cream. While neither are mutually exclusive, it won't surprise anybody that ice cream sales skyrocket during the summers here in Minnesota.

So what if I told you that a free Dairy Queen Blizzard of your choice was just a few simple clicks away? When I heard this news I got super pumped, I would imagine that's what you're going through right now also.

Here's the scoop...get it? Scoop as in ice cream sco...never mind, let's get to the free Blizzard.

According to the fine folks at Thrillist the process is SUPER simple! I even tested it out and confirmed that it works this morning!

Just download the new Dairy Queen app on your phone. Then create an account either through registration or by syncing your Facebook account and when you head back to the app homepage there will be a free small Blizzard loaded onto your account. It's nearly the most easy thing you could do and it ends in FREE ICE CREAM!

No joke, I did it and it works! I'll be getting my free Blizzard this weekend. For those of you wondering, I'll be ordering a Heath Bar Blizzard and eating every last drop of it.

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