So excited for 2018, Adam Thielen tried to report BEFORE Training Camp!

Photo: Getty Images

Coming off the heels of an NFC Championship appearance it's not surprised that the mentality for some Minnesota Vikings players is that of the "unfinished business" mindset.

We've seen it throughout the offseason with some of the leaders of this team. High attendance through optional team activities, posting videos and photos of intense workouts during the offseason, teaming up on their own time to throw passes with new quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Apparently, that excitement is running so hot within the Thielen household that Adam Thielen was doing his darnedest to report to the Vikings facilities for work BEFORE Training Camp was even set to begin.

Meeting the media for his first Training Camp press conference today, Kirk Cousins shared that he received a message from the eager Vikings wideout earlier this week asking him when he was planning on getting back into town for camp.

He was texting him because he wanted to get to work early and throw some balls BEFORE Training Camp even began!

"Adam texted me as I was coming into town on Tuesday and he said, 'hey, can you get into town early on Tuesday so we can throw?', Cousins shared.

Due to arrival times with the airline it didn't work out but the sentiment was not lost on the new Vikings QB. 

"He wants to work, on off days he's trying to get out here. I said, 'I don't even know what the rules are about you coming here and catching before Friday?' Those guys are just easy to work with. They're easy to lead because they're so excited about football and they love playing this game."

Officially, Thielen will report to Training Camp with the rest of the veterans Friday and will get to work right away with his teammates.

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