Vikings Mark Wilf encouraged by progress made on social justice issues

Photo: Getty Images

On hand today to take in the team's first padded practice at their new home at TCO Performance Center, Co-Owner Mark Wilf met the media to share his thoughts on his team, the preseason and the goings on throughout the league.

Amidst comments highlighting how impressed he is with the facility and how excited he was for the fans to get to experience the new home, Mark Wilf was asked and responded in regards to the NFL's policies on the anthem and the social justice issues that continue to loom over the team.

"We are meeting with our players and our leadership and we're very close to finalizing some things," Mark Wilf said on Monday. "We're confident that what we're going to do together with the players will meet some of the concerns that they have in the community and some of the things that will make an impact."

On a league wide level the NFL and the Players union have been meeting over the past few weeks to put the knee-jerk ruling about the anthem made by the league on hold til more issues can be heard and discussed.

For Mr. Wilf, he's been encouraged by those conversations.

"We're encouraged by the fact that the players and the owners are meeting.We met with our players, our coaches and our ownership and whatever we do we're going to do together as a team."

The Wilfs will leave town tonight and head back home but the decisions to be made in the near future surrounding both important on the field and off the field situations will find their way to his desk once again when the time is right.

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