VOX THOUGHTS: Vikings Training Camp Day 5

Practice in pads today, something I have been looking forward to for weeks. It was a steamy Eagan day for your Minnesota Vikings and fans, and the west bleachers were packed, and there was a big crowd, too, in the bleachers facing north.

Some observations:

As mentioned #92Noon many times this offseason I truly dig rookie WR Jeff Badet from Oklahoma and am excited to call his preseason games. He just may be the fastest straight-line guy on the field and was lickety split in one-on-one drills today. He beat fellow rookie Holton Hill (Texas) on a sweet inside move, then put a wonderful juke on veteran Mac Alexander, but the third-year Clemson guy recovered very well and caused an incompletion.

The offense ran a ton of screens and misdirection plays. New OC John DiFilippo is working hard establish things to set up defenses for plays down the road. I mean, honor Dalvin right flat one time, think you know it's coming the next time and BANG Diggs or Thielen deep on a double move.

I am digging Mike Remmers at guard.

Don't rule out rookie Brian O'Neill winning the RT job.

CFA Mike Boone, a rookie RB from Cincy, has some pop to his game.

Treadwell beat Xavier on a 50-50 ball back left of the end zone, which was good to see.

Mike Hughes, the rookie from UCF, did not stand out to me today.

DE Brian Robsion was running with the twos and threes.

Kirk Cousins in my opinion is not playing as fast now as he will in a month and change. No worries, and the arm talent is apparent, it's just he's still absorbing the bit.

I'll be there again tomorrow and am excited to witness the progress. Very, very good team.

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