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It's a little bit overwhelming when you break it down and think about it, but the reports that are coming out from sources left and right are pinning the new Stefon Diggs 5-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings in the neighborhood of $81 million with $40 million guaranteed.

Simple math, and these contracts are NEVER simple math, would break that down to just over $16 million per year though it's likely closer to $14.5 million per season. Still that's a lot of money and here's how that will stack up when the contract officially kicks in in 2019.

Going with the full value of $81 millions (that's base and bonuses), then split evenly among 5 seasons (which it never is, but still), that puts Diggs at $16.2 million/year. Check out the list below to see where other WRs in the league rank.

  1. Antonio Brown - $22.165MM
  2. Mike Evans - $20MM
  3. Sammy Watkins - $19.2MM
  4. Demaryius Thomas - $17.53MM
  5. Stefon Diggs - $16.2MM
  6. Brandin Cooks - $15.26MM
  7. A.J. Green - $15.176MM
  8. Allen Robinson - $15MM
  9. TY Hilton - $15MM
  10. Alshon Jeffery - $14.725MM

That's a top five contract that Diggs just signed with the Minnesota Vikings y'all! Wowsers!

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