WATCH: Laquon Treadwell's route on Cousins-to-Diggs TD #Vikings

**Update: I changed the video to some guy in his living room after getting clipped by NFL sharing rules.

Watch the fantastic opening drive for the Vikings offense on Saturday in Denver. Cousins was perfect, Latavius broke off a couple nice runs and it ended with a Diggs TD reception! It's all good news.

This morning, I was thinking about Laquon Treadwell's performance with just a single 3-yd reception despite playing the entire first half. He was open several times, and he was either missed or simply not the preferred option.

Go back to the video above for the first example....40 seconds in, it's 3rd & goal. On that play, Laquon is wide right, top of the screen. He executes the rub route/legal pick bit perfectly and is wide open at the goal line! Touchdown Laquon? Nah, Kirk was looking at Stefon Diggs the entire time with the blitz coming and #14 gets paid off. (as a side note, Latavius picks up the rusher beautifully to allow Kirk the extra mili-second to release the ball)

The point in this is simply that Laquon was on the field with Diggs/Thielen in a 3rd & Goal situation, ran a great route and was wide open for a TD reception. Forget 1st round pick negativity for a second. He's actually starting to do the things necessary to solidify himself as the third receiving option in this offense. We've seen it in camp practices. The work is showing. Keep getting open, get more targets. Get more targets, get more catches. Get more catches, maybe score a touchdown? It's about time. Good for Laquon, good for the fan base.

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