I just learned something about the Gatorade bottle that BLEW MY MIND!

Okay, I would consider myself a larger than average fan of Gatorade. Growing up as an athlete, the sports drink was just sort of synonymous with what we did on a daily basis. 

For my money, the FROST line is the best of the flavors but you really can't go wrong with any of them. Quench that thirst, refuel those electrolytes, go get those championships, right?

Well, just this morning I learned something about Gatorade and more specifically the Gatorade bottle that I never new.

You can see it exemplified in the post from our sister station Z100 in Eau Claire, WI below, but that nifty little indentation on the bottom of a Gatorade bottle, it's not just there to withhold an extra ounce of the Gatorade goodness, it doesn't serve a purpose for liquid flow...it's a CAP HOLDER!!!

Like for real, it fits (sorta) we just tested it here in the office.

Was this common knowledge for the lot of you or is your mind just as blown as mine was this morning?

*UPDATE* - Word is this trick doesn't work with ALL Gatorade bottles, only specific ones...still fascinating. Supposed international differences adding to the mystery!

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