Minor League manager takes fake home run trot after being ejected | KFAN

There are few simple pleasures that are more enjoyable than watching managers lose their bananas on a baseball field when they get into it with an umpire!

In the past, we've seen coaches army crawl on the ground, dump garbage on the plate, steal bases and all sorts of other creative antics. But this one is new, at least new to me.

Chicago Dogs manager Butch Hobson lost his mind the other day on the ump and after he was tossed from the game he grabbed the bat from his player, faked a ball to prove his point, and then hit a fake dinger out of the park. He then proceeded to slow trot around the bases, point to the sky and celebrate his imaginary home run with his players before heading back to the showers for an early exit.

It was great, check it out below!

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