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Tonight is the night.

No matter how much head coach Mike Zimmer might try to downplay it, tonight's "third preseason" game is really the one that matters the most. For sure to the fans, but obviously for the players and coaches as well.

It's the game where most of the starters will play the entire first half and likely into the third quarter. Adjustments will be made, personnel decisions highlighted and then assessed up and down the lim long day.

With that said, there's likely a list of things that the coaching staff would like to see come to fruition in tonight's game versus the Seahawks. Many of those things likely line up with the fans desires as well.

So here we go, here are "5 Things That We All Want To See In Tonight's Vikings Preseason Game"...

1. Simply put Dalvin Cook...

We just want to see him. It's been a long time since our shiny new toy went down with a season ending knee injury in the fourth game of the 2017 season. All signs were pointing towards Cook being the real deal, now we haven't seen him in nearly 10 months outside of training camp. He's been rocking the practices with no knee brace, he's been going full speed at practice, but we haven't seen him take contact in a game yet. The coaches have said that they expect for him to appear in the 2018 preseason, and they won't do it in the fourth game, so I present to you tonight's game.

2. Kirk Cousins getting back on track...

Remember how excited we were after the first preseason game when Kirk Cousins and the Vikings first team offense went up and down the field with ease leading to a touchdown pass from Cousins to Diggs? That was sweet.

Then the second preseason game happened. Granted it was against the Jacksonville Jaguars, arguably the second best defense only to the Minnesota Vikings. Things didn't go quite as well this time around. Turnovers here and there, no connection between the QB and his WRs, it just wasn't working. The Seattle defense isn't what it once was, but they're not terrible either. Go out there and make a statement that at the very least comforts some of the worry that grew in fans last week.

3. What's the plan with George Iloka?

He was a stud back in the day with Mike Zimmer in Cincinnati, but then he got cut by the Bengals last week. What's the scoop with Iloka? Why was he available? What's the plan with him here in Minnesota? Will he start? Will Sendejo get cut? Traded? How much will we see Iloka tonight after coming in just a few days ago?

4. How will Daniel Carlson fare after being named the starter?

As of this week it's been settled. Rookie Daniel Carlson is the starting kicker for the 2018 Minnesota Vikings. Up until this point, at least on paper, it was a battle between he and Forbath for the job. Well, now Kai is gone how is Daniel going to respond? There's no more pressure, it's his job no matter what, will his demeanor change or will he continue to thrive?

5. How will the defense handle a scrambling QB?

It's never been a strong point for Minnesota defenses and they'll see it with the Seahawks tonight. Scrambling, mobile quarterbacks have been a problem for the Vikings. Think back to performances against Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and even Aaron Rodgers falls into that with his scramble out of the pocket and dagger the opponent abilities. George Edwards mentioned it in his press conference this week, but it'll be a big test for the team tonight as Wilson is one of the best at the position when it comes to mobility. 

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