Record setting day scares new Vikings Kirk Cousins away from MN State Fair

Photo: Getty Images

Going to the Minnesota State Fair for the first time...

It's one of the staples of coming to Minnesota whether you're a highly paid professional athlete or a common citizen and new Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins *attempted* to fall right in line with the tradition. 

After an impressive opening half against the Seahawks on Friday night, Cousins loaded up the family and headed from his home in the eastern suburbs and planned to make the trek over to Falcon Heights and partake in the Great Minnesota Get-Together

Only there was a catch.

There was nowhere to park, and understandably intimidated the Cousins family waved the white flag and headed elsewhere.

Turns out Kirk had good reason to amend plans at the last minute. Saturday's crowd at the Minnesota State Fair set an all-time high for single-day attendance. The closing time tally of 222,194 people CRUSHED the previous record of 202,126 set back in 1998.

You probably made the right call Kirk. We've all been there on "busy" days and know what that's like, but there's yet to be a day busier than that one! 

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