Brother of Vikings LB busted by fed for Insider Trading | KFAN 100.3 FM

Photo: Getty Images

The brother of Minnesota Vikings LB Eric Kendricks and Cleveland Browns LB Mychal Kendricks has been charged by the Federal Government with Insider Trading.

Kendricks didn't back away from the claim in a statement he recently posted to social media saying "four years ago, I participated in insider trading, and I deeply regret it."

The full statement from Kendricks is below...

If you remember, Mychal considered joining the Minnesota Vikings and his brother this off season before landing with the Browns.

It's unclear where exactly we go from here. The max sentence for Insider Trading is 20 years in prison which is unlikely in this case but there will be some form of punishment levied. As everything is sorted out Kendricks will not make the trip to Detroit today with the Browns.

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