INFOGRAPHIC: NFL Fandom Across the Country, Vikings RULE! | KFAN 100.3 FM

The fine people at SeatGeek just released a really interesting infographic that tracks and highlights the NFL Fandom and how it's spread out throughout the country. 

They tracked the favorite NFL team county-by-county all across the United States by analyzing the behaviors of shoppers on their site and let me just say this. We Minnesotans are going to have to have a pretty serious talk with Chippewa and Houston counties to get a few things squared away here!

Photo: SeatGeek

As you can see from the infographic above, the Minnesota Vikings have a pretty large foothold on the upper midwest spanning across eight state including a little nod from the fine folks up in Kodiak Island County Alaska!

But seriously, somehow, someway, both Chippewa and Houston counties within the boundaries of Minnesota got tipped over to the Packers? At least Houston County shares a border with Wisconsin. What's your excuse Chippewa county?

CLICK HERE to check out the full interactive map and get more of the data breakdown at

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