Teddy Bridgewater was pulled from the Jets team bus, told he was traded...

posted by Aj Mansour - 

Photo: Getty Images

NFL transactions don't always line up perfectly with NFL operations schedules as we found out here in Minnesota just the other day. New center Brett Jones told us that he was pulled off the practice field in the middle of a session in New York and told that he had been traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Well, we've got another weird scenario with another trade as the NFL transaction wire continues to go a little bonkers today.

On the team bus with the rest of the Jets players and ready to head off to the airport to hop a plane to Philly for their final preseason game tomorrow, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was told he was traded, was pulled off the bus and waved goodbye to his Jets teammates for the final time before heading to New Orleans to face the Rams tomorrow.

Tom Pelisserio was documenting the scene.


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