Starter just released brand new 2018 edition Vikings STARTER JACKETS

WARNING: I'm about to judge you SUPER HARD by the way you answer this next question...

What starter jacket did you have back in the day?

  • Any MN team? (Cool in my book)
  • Seattle Super Sonics? (You're da coolest)
  • Dallas Cowboys? (Poser)
  • Charlotte Hornets? (Nice try man)

Starter Jackets were THE COOLEST back in the day...that was until people started getting shot for them and stuff. But they were sweet!

And now they're back!

The Starter brand just launched a brand new line of NFL Starter jackets for the 2018 season. I'm not sure how I feel about the base color being white, that thing's gonna get filthy, but they're back in all their glory. Should stitching, front pocket, quarter zip, it's all there!

And all for $149.99! 

What do you think? Kirk Cousins might be in the market! He did just make a boatload of cash...

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