Vikings QB Kirk Cousins might have accidentally said who’s starting at C

The only thing that we *think* we know about the Vikings starting center this weekend versus San Francisco is that it won’t be Pat Elflein. 

Though last year’s starter was activated from the PUP list last weekend, it’s thought that he’ll still be held out another week or two to fully heal up before returning. 

Then there was a report that popped up over the weekend claiming that Danny Isidora was set to start at center this weekend. Today, head coach Mike Zimmer confirmed that he had seen the report but wouldn’t announce who he planned to start at center this weekend.

Well, he might not have to announce it as new quarterback Kirk Cousins might have accidentally spilled the beans at his first game-week press conference today.

“I’m excited to build a rapport with [Brett] Jones,” Cousins said today. 

Pressed on the issue and realizing the press caught what he said Cousins clarifies saying, “I don’t set the roster but he was the center today at walk-thru at 10:20am.” we go? The all important question leading into week one might be answered! Or maybe, just maybe, it was a planted statement and Kirk is trying to throw everybody off of the Isidora scent...CONSPIRACY!!

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