According to Vegas, the Vikings odds to win Super Bowl 53 have worsened...

Photo: Getty Images

As free agency opened for the 2018 season and Kirk Cousins signed with the Minnesota Vikings, the team's 9/1 odds according to Vegas to win the Super Bowl were third only behind the New England Patriots (5/1) and the Philadelphia Eagles (17/2).

Since then, little has changed for the Vikings but for one reason or another their odds have worsened and they've fallen behind a few other teams that have been rising.

According to, the Vikings present odds to win Super Bowl 53 are 11/1. That puts them tied with the Green Bay Packers (11/1) and behind the Steelers (10/1), Eagles (17/2), Rams (17/2) and Patriots (11/2).

Take this however you may, no teams have played a single down yet but that's where we stand. How do you feel about it?

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