GOTTA SEE IT! Winfield Jr.'s HIGHLIGHT REEL INT seals Gophers Victory

The Gophers walked away last night with a 21-14 victory over a good Fresno State football team, but it wasn't always feeling good for the Gophers. After fighting from behind they let the Bulldogs drive down the field to the Minnesota 4-yard line and had a receiver wide open in the endzone. 

But there's a guy on our team named Antoine Winfield Jr. and he seems to be making HUGE plays on a weekly basis. This was his time to shine. 

As you can see in the video below, Winfield took the bait on the handoff but quickly realized the RB was looking to pass. While the ball was in the air, he closed a 10 yard gap to get to the tight end, located the ball in the air and jumped at the precise moment to make a one-handed INT, reel it in and keep his foot in bounds...all in a days work, right?

Check it out in the video below...

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