It's time to swallow your pride and move on from Treadwell/Carlson

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It's time. Like now. I'd be disappointed if general manager Rick Spielman, head coach Mike Zimmer and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer haven't already made some calls or gotten the first parts of a plan together to replace a wide recevier and kicker after today's game in Green Bay.

For Laquon Treadwell it's been much of the same for three seasons now. The first two years, he didn't get it enough to crack the lineup. Now, this year, by default he's getting reps. Jarius Wright is gone. Cordarrelle Patterson is gone. That left Treadwell as the only other wideout on roster with experience. So he becomes WR3.

That ended today, in some for. Targeted six times today, Treadwell reeled in only 2 catches. One of them was his first touchdown of his career, but the four drops were terrible. Three of them should have been important gains for his team and the fourth was tipped off his fingers right into the mitts of Haha Clinton-Dix for an interception that at the time we thought would end the game. He still doesn't get it, he still can't catch and now he's tangibly hurting the team.

It's time enough to cut him out of the picture.

For Carlson, you're jumping off board a lot earlier than you did with Treadwell, but you can't afford to do it any longer. Yeah you wasted a 5th round pick on him, yeah you traded to sixth round picks to move up and grab him, but you need to be done. Now.

It got bad with Blair Walsh but at least there was a honeymoon period with him during his rookie season. Then the wheels fell off and it didn't take all that long for them to pull the rug and make a change.

For a team that has high aspirations for this season and has invested both on and off the field to historic levels, changes need to be made. You cannot have liabilities like this on a football team that could cost you games, divisional games at that.

Swallow your pride, make the cuts and make this team better immediately.

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