The Vikings might have tied, but Kirk Cousins WON BIG on Sunday at GB

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They say that a tie is like "kissing your sister".

I'm not so sure about that, thankfully I don't have experience with either side of that analogy, but it's safe to say that it stinks a little bit that today's game ended in a 29-29 tie in Green Bay. And while the eire of the fanbase is point directly at Daniel Carlson and Laquon Treadwell, there's one player in particular for the Minnesota Vikings that won big time on Sunday.

Kirk Cousins came to Minnesota with high hopes of what he could do in taking this team to the next level on the offensive side of the ball. But there were some concerns as well. Kirk's critcis would have told you that he struggles in the redzone, struggles in the fourth quarter and will make a big mistake here or there.

Today, on the field in Green Bay, Cousins proved those detractors wrong, at least for one day, and made believers out of Vikings fans going forward.

"Comeback Kirk" rallied the Vikings for 22 points in the fourth quarter. He threw this team to a draw. He made the throws. He finished when he got close and finished the day with 425 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The last Vikings quarterback to throw for more than 400 yards was Brett Favre back in 2010 in a game against the Cardinals that went into overtime. Last year, Case Keenum had a game against the Redskins with 4 passing TDs. It was quite the day for Cousins.

If Vikings fans didn't fully believe in Cousins after a mediocre preseason and a solid but not spectacular first week, they better now.

You go into Lambeau Field, you fight back in the fourth quarter, you go clutch in the two minute drill and you set your team up with two chances to win in overtime. Kirk's the man, and if you haven't bought in to him being worth the full $84 million they gave him, you might want to re-think it all.

If anything came out of this game, Kirk will be able to lead this team as far as the team will get them this season and the over next few years with him under center this team will be relevant!

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