Vegas has laid odds on whether or not Daniel Carlson will get cut... | KFAN

It's been the biggest talker here in Minneapolis for the past 24 hours and the volume of those conversations have reached all the way across the country to "The 702" in Las Vegas and the odds makers from Bovada have sounded off on whether or not Vikings kicker Daniel Carlson will be cut before the Vikings next game on September 23rd against the Buffalo Bills.

According to the line for those who think that "YES" Daniel Carlson will get cut is set at -500, 1/5 odds and the "NO" people are currently getting +300 (3/1) odds. That's not a guarantee but it doesn't bode super well for the young kicker and his future with the Vikings.

In related news, it looks like it's much more likely that Cleveland Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez gets gut before their next game on Thursday with the "YES" getting -2000 (1/20) and the "NO" getting +750 (15/2). 

The Browns have already reportedly invited two kickers in for a tryout today.

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