Brothers McDermott set to square off Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium | KFAN

Photo: Kevin McDermott Twitter

Sunday afternoon at U.S. Bank Stadium the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings will square off against each other on the football field. Given the recent trajectory of each team, it's not expected to be that much of a battle. Still, the story lines beneath the surface continue to impress.

For one, the Minnesota Vikings game will be an extra special one for longsnapper Kevin McDermott who will square off (sort of) against his younger brother Conor for the first time in his career.

Conor, who is three years younger than Kevin, is about 60 pounds heavier and 3 inches taller than his "big" brother and is the backup right tackle for the Buffalo Bills. 

The pair overlapped briefly at UCLA before Kevin landed in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. Since then, football has been their life but it's taken them in different directions.

Until Sunday that is. Sunday they meet again, on the football field, with family in town from Nashville wearing both their purple/gold and blue/red jerseys.

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