Here are 3 things we should all know about new Vikings WR Aldrick Robinson

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

As we did with new kicker Dan Bailey, let's take some time to get to know new Vikings wide receiver Aldrick Robinson who joins the team and hopes to provide a deep threat with his speed and ball skills.

Here are three things that we should all know about Aldrick Robinson...

He already has a good rapport with Kirk Cousins...

Robinson and Cousins were teammates in Washington from 2012-2013 and even saw some action together during the end of the 2013 season. In a game against the Atlanta Falcons, Cousins hit Robinson 4 times for 99 yards. It was partially that previous relationship with Kirk that landed Robinson here with the Vikings.

He was pretty good in college...

Many players in the NFL were pretty good in college, but not all of them can say they rank near the top in statistical categories at their alma mater. Robinson can. Presently he's the second ranked receiver in Southern Methodist history with 3,313 receiving yards and 30 TDs. He sits right beneath Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders on that list (3,791 yards and 34 TDs).

Aldrick is a semi-pro bowler...

While Robinson has not yet been a pro-bowler on the football field, he does have serious aspirations to be a professional bowler off the field and he's not that far away. A semi-pro bowler as it is today, Robinson has a goal of becoming a pro after his NFL career raps up. He's been on the scent of a perfect 300 many times and has been one throw away from 300 twice. His current high score is 290 and he rolls with his own trio of bowling balls named "Ray-Ray", "Spinderella" and "Spindicks".

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