Here are FIVE things we should all know about new Vikings kicker Dan Bailey

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

New Minnesota Vikings kicker Dan Bailey was at TCO Performance Center for his first day of work with his new team on Wednesday. He'll get right on the field to get as many reps as possible with his special teams unit but much of his time will be spent getting to know the facility and getting to know his new teammates. 

So, let's do the same with him.

Below are five things that you should know about the Vikings new kicker Dan Bailey...

He's the second most accurate kicker in NFL history...

This is probably a fact that you've heard a time or two since he was first rumored to be an option for the Vikings but I'll say it again because it's crazy impressive. There have been a lot of field goal kickers in the history of the NFL and Bailey is second best having converted 186-of-211 career field goals, an 88.2% clip just behind Ravens kicker Justin Tucker at 90.3%.

He's one of three Dallas Cowboys with more than 800 career points...

Kickers are often times the highest scoring players for most teams. They *usually* have longevity and are almost every game at least scoring one or two points. If you're accurate, that can add up quickly, just like it did for Dan Bailey. Over seven seasons with the Cowboys, Bailey served as the team's primary kicker and tallied 834 career points making him one of only three Cowboys players all-time to score more than 800 points. Ahead of him on that list are kicker Rafael Septien (874) and yep, you guessed it Emmitt Smith (986).

Known for his accuracy, he's also money from distance...

As mentioned in point number one, Bailey is mainly known for his accuracy, but he's also money from long range. In his career he has 33 total field goal makes from 50-yards and beyond. Kicking at a clip north of 73% from range.

He once made 182 straight PATs in College...

Yeah the college PAT is still close in, but Bailey once made 182 straight PATs while at Oklahoma State when an attempt was blocked against the Texas Longhorns.

He's a state champion golfer...

Maybe it has to do with the amount of free time they have, maybe it's just random, but doesn't it always seem like specialists in the NFL are really good at golf? Blair Walsh was a golfer, Ryan Longwell was a good golfer and now Dan Bailey is also added to that list. In high school at Covenant High School in Mustang, Oklahoma Bailey won and individual State Championship in golf.

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