"They just want us to throw the flag..." Mike Zimmer taking the NFL head on

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Mike Zimmer is going at the NFL to clarify the already super cloudy new rules added in for player safety that include leading with the helmet and unnecessary roughness.

This past weekend in Green Bay, Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo received a flag for unnecessary roughness on a Packers wide receiver. Many assumed because of his aggressive and high flying past that Sendejo was rightfully flagged. 

According to Andrew Sendejo himself, an official told him that was in fact not the case, that his hit was legal and they essentially just threw the flag for the heck of it.

Here's what head coach Mike Zimmer told KFAN on "Xs and Os" last night.

 "He (Sendejo) said, ‘What could I have done different?' He (the official) said ‘You did everything right. You couldn't have done anything different. They just want us to throw the flag.'" 

Woah! If true, and we have no reason to believe that it's now, that's not a good stance to take for the league or the officials.

Zimmer went on to say that he has placed a call to the league to look into the incident.

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