LISTEN: #92Noon Under Review! It's Bills Week! #Vikings

Nordo takes you through a week of big opinions and conversations on #92Noon, post-BorderBattle 116, leading into Sunday's game vs the Buffalo Bills!

The Vikings are 1-0-1 after the unsavory TIE at Lambeau...both squads walked away feeling like they missed out on a win. New kicker. Tom Johnson returns to bolster the DLine mix. IT'S BILLS WEEK! I know, the Bills are 0-2 and appear to be a minor speedbump on the way to a short week showdown with the Rams. I imagine, though, that the Purple will be motivated to get a W after leaving Wisconsin unsatisfied last weekend.

Featured on #92Noon this week:

-Pete Bercich on the tie

-Dave Sinykin on the quirky Packers game and the roughing calls

-Mike Florio on the release of kicker Daniel Carlson

-Paul Charchian on his love for our Quarterback and receivers

-Matt Birk on the kicker situation/addition of Dan Bailey

-Head Coach Mike Zimmer on the tie, missed tackles, Dan Bailey and ambiguity of the roughing rules

-Bills VOX John Murphy on rookie QB Josh Allen and the Vontae Davis halftime retirement

-Bills writer/Sirius host Vic Carucci on the state of the 0-2 Bills

-Ben Leber on the potential of resting starters

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