Kirk Cousins is on pace to get CLOBBERED on Thursday in LA | KFAN

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The way that things have been trending for the Minnesota Vikings and quarterback Kirk Cousins, he's on pace to get clobbered Thursday in L.A. against the Rams.

Not only to the rams bring in one of the most vaunted defensive units, especially upfront with Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald on the line. And it doesn't help at all that the Vikings offensive line struggle bussed their way to a terrible day against the Buffalo Bills defense. Their poor effot led to four Bills sacks and two fumbles on those plays, both of which were recovered by the Bills deep in Vikings territory. 

The Vikings need to do something to protect him, but what are their options?

There's no help in the depth for the offensive line. It's thin to begin with and if they don't perform, Lord help us. Then, you need David Morgan back. I love ya Kyle Rudolph, but you're not gifted in the art of the pass block. Then, get Dalvin Cook trained up. It's not saying a lot, but Cook in only his second year and six games, he might be the best backfield blocker that the Vikings have. Focus on that with him, help him get better and buy Kirk some more time.

From there, it's time to change the play calling.

A few years back, the Vikings were in a similar situation with Sam Bradford as the quarterback. Under those circumstances with injuries left and right on the line, the Vikings helped the situation by changing the play calls. Quick passes, bubble screens, an extension of the passing game to boost the non-existent run game. From there, start calling some of the freaking run pass options to  push the opposition off balance. 

I get it, the RPO might not be Kirk's forte, but we've seen it a time or two so it's in the playbook. Call those plays to make the defense play you honest it's the kind of play that can negate some of that pressure that they opposition will bring right off the edges.

Something needs to change for the Vikings on offense or Kirk Cousins won't last much longer this season and we'll be putting our small shred of hope in Trevor Siemian...chew on that for a while.

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