"It's about him getting better" Mike Zimmer speaks on Everson Griffen

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Outside of the short statement released by Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman on Monday evening, not much has been said on the record when it comes to the scary situations surrounding Everson Griffen of late.

Today, Mike Zimmer met the local press at TCO Performance Center and shared his thoughts and concern for his captain and defensive end.

"The only thing I'm really concerned about for Everson isn't anything to do with football, it's about him getting better," Zimmer shared. "In the five years that I've been here I've always loved Everson. The effort that he puts out the work that he does, chance to count on him in game time. He's always been a really really good model for us and obviously he's going through some tough times right now."

Griffen has reportedly been dealing with some mental health issues for the past few weeks culminating in the team barring him from returning to practice at the team facility until he received a mental health evaluation.

Zimmer shared that he personally had not been in contact with Griffen since after the Green Bay game but the organization had been working with him and pointing him in the proper direction to get a professional evaluation.

"We have a very very good support program," Zimmer continued. "Our owners do an unbelievable job of giving these players all the resources they need if we have to bring in experts from some place, go see other people. We're going to do everything possible that we can not only for everson but for everybody on our team."

Griffen has already been ruled out of Thursday night's game against the Rams and will remain back home in the Twin Cities as the team flies out to Los Angeles this evening.

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