Police Report on Griffen "He has not been himself for the past few weeks"

Photo: Getty Images

More information is starting to trickle out surround the serious situation with the Vikings and Everson Griffen. 

Griffen is said to have a "serious personal-heath concern" at the moment after his actions over the weekend resulted in multiple calls to the police.

Everson got into an argument at Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis threatening to get his gun and shoot the clerks who were not letting him into his room. He would leave this incident on his own accord before police arrived.

Today, Minnetrista police reports shed a little more light on other incidents that took place last week.

According to Chad Graff of The Athletic, associates near Everson Griffen have stated that "he has not been himself for the past few weeks."

The report goes on to state that Vikings director of player development Les Pico shared that Griffen was informed by the team that he wasn't allowed back to the teal until he underwent a mental health evaluation.

Graff continues with the report stating that Everson Griffen jumped out of the ambulance on his way to the hospital "because he was in fear that someone was going to shoot him." Police were called to help restrain him and take him to the hospital.

As of this morning, Griffen remains hospitalized in Minneapolis undergoing said mental health evaluation.

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