REPORT: Griffen "breaking into or trying to get in" Trae Waynes' home Sat

Photo: Getty Images

The pieces are starting to come together one at a time that are displaying a scary picture of what occurred this last Saturday with Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen. 

Reports surfaced last night and were then redacted that Griffen was attempting to break into a teammates home. While he was not arrested for the incident, those claims have not been substantiated.

According to reports from the Star Tribune, after the incident at the hotel lobby downtown, Griffen headed back to his Minnetrista home. Shortly after returning home, "police were directed to speak to a woman at the nearby home of Vikings corner back Trae Waynes on a report that Griffen was either breaking into the Waynes' home or trying to get in." 

The woman said at one point she saw a shirtless Everson Griffen in the bushes of the home.

According to Minnetrista police reports, the police caught up with Griffen and he was loaded into an ambulance to go to the hospital. Shortly after, he jumped out of the ambulance for fear that someone was going to shoot him. Police stepped in again to restrain the defensive end and escorted him to the hospital where he remains today.

The Viking fly out to Los Angeles tonight for Thursdays game and it is assumed Griffen will not make the trip.

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