Now Jeff Teague and Tyus Jones are being dragged into the Butler trade mess

Photo: Getty Images

Now we're starting to cook with some gas!

As I wrote earlier today, the Jimmy Butler trade situation has slowed down quite a bit as the Wolves held media day in Minneapolis and opened training camp on Tuesday. But now it's Wednesday and the rumors are starting to fly all over the place!

This morning we discussed the update in which Jimmy Butler is now adding Miami as his preferred landing spot for a trade from the Wolves. Now we can expand upon that a little more and it looks like point guards Jeff Teague and/or Tyus Jones might get dragged into this mess as well.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, if the Wolves were going to get a decent deal done with the Heat, it would likely require a third team to get involved to take on some assets and contracts. Woj mentions a deal that would send Goran Dragic to Minnesota, Butler to Miami and a point guard to Phoenix. 

Depending on the level on investment needed from the Suns to get involved that could mean we're talking about Tyus Jones or even Jeff Teague. 

Either way some mix of Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside and Josh Richardson continues to sound more and more like the best deal on the table for the Wolves as their hands continue to be forced.

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