Finishing mental evaluation Everson Griffen plans to address situation soon

Photo: Getty Images

With the Minnesota Vikings two time zones away in Los Angeles, California reports from Tom Pelissero are surfacing sharing that Everson Griffen is finishing the final steps of his mental health evaluation at a local area hospital here in the Twin Cities. 

Additionally, per the source, Everson plans to publicly address the situation soon.

As noted in the tweet above, the Vikings and head coach Mike Zimmer while focused on the game tonight are more concerned about the health and safety of their player, teammate and friend.

"The only thing I'm really concerned about for Everson isn't anything to do with football, it's about him getting better," Zimmer shared. "In the five years that I've been here I've always loved Everson. The effort that he puts out the work that he does, chance to count on him in game time. He's always been a really really good model for us and obviously he's going through some tough times right now."

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