'Fortnite' Season 6: Darkness Rises is finally here, here's the full scoop!

They've been teasing it for weeks now and it's finally here. Fortnite Season 6 titled "Darkness Rises" launched in the middle of the night last night and is now available for download on your device.

Here's the announce trailer that was posted to the official Fortnite YouTube page earlier today....

With the launch of the new season there's all sorts of new things that are being discovered and it all seems to center around Loot Lake. In general, many locations all over the island are now a little spookier. There's a haunted castle on a mountain, dark themed elements throughout and then right smack in the middle of the map a floating island hanging right over Loot Lake with a waterspout swirling beneath it.

Photo: Fortnite

Additionally the leftover pieces of cube all over the map have left "shadow stones" which turn you invisibly and allow you to walk through solid objects temporarily.

There's also pets, a strange addition that hops into your backpack and are unlocked with the battle pass. I don't think they do a whole lot, but either do the dozens of different costumes you have...they're just cool.

There's certainly more to come as well, which is one of the best parts about Fortnite and it's ever-changing world.

Here's a look at the new map too if you're interested.

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